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22 October
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Hi ! Welcome to my livejournal ^__^ Most of the time I will post about my fanart and cosplay activities, but you might also find ramblings and rants of the fangirl type ^__~

My main obsessions right now is Star Wars EU, Persona 4 and Star Trek TOS (Kirk/Spock fan) ! ^______^ Expect to find lots of it !

SW EU: My favorite characters is the Solo kids: Jaina, Jacen and Anakin. And Mara Jade, Tahiri, Tenel Ka and Ben Skywalker come close to favorite ^^
I'm a HUGE Jacen/Caedus and Anakin fan <3

P4: I love all the characters and pairings is Main/Yosuke and Kanji/Naoto ^^ But not against any pairing ^__~

I love reading fanfiction but I don't write much of. I like slash, het and gen ^__^

I'm always happy to meet people with same interests and make new friends ^^ and I adooooooore cats <3 Cats are awesome ^______^